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Be aware. You are required to upload your source code!

Just a note to everybody. You are required to upload your source code to GitHub, at the very least for Web Applications and perhaps others. Read the rules carefully:

"Web: On your Entry Form, share the URL to the page where the Application can be accessed. Please also include a zip file containing the source code and production build folder that will allow Judges to directly host on their local server or link to GitHub repository, and, testing instructions that provide access to the working version of the Entrant’s Application."

The idea of sharing valuable source code that a developer may have spent years perfecting for the most likely outcome of winning absolutely nothing in a contest should be an astonishing opportunity cost for any developer, even new ones. I guess most people don't really read the contest rules.

Note to DevPost: I used to participate frequently in your contests. Not any longer. I'm seeing the source code requirement in more and more contest rules, far more than in the early days when I first started with you and I enjoyed your site. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if it's become "boilerplate" text for the contests. If you ever find yourself worried about your participation metrics, please considers that the source code requirement could be the culprit. For now, I'm done.


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    I think it's fine as uploading on github is optional, so you can just share your source code on a personal server as part of the submission it stays between you and facebook developer community. You don't need to send to other developers or teams.

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    UPDATE: Stefanie from Devpost informed me last week via E-mail that the source code upload requirement has been removed from the rules. Thank you Stefanie.

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    Thanks for posting an update! :)

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    @Robert Oschler who did you email? I have some questions as well :(

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    Hey Juelle!

    You can email me stefanie@devpost.com


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