•   12 months ago

HTML 5 Games Clarification

Does the HTML5 category means that the game can actually has to be created with HTML canvas and JS. Or can we use another another technology as long it can export or convert the game to run in a web browser? For example creating a unity game and convert it to web using http://relexstudio.com/


  •   •   11 months ago

    We would like to know as well :(

  • Manager   •   11 months ago

    Oh! I'm so sorry that we missed your question, Miguel and Juelle. I'm looking into it and will let you know what I find out shortly.


  •   •   11 months ago

    can we use unity to make html 5 game and export with webgl?

  •   •   11 months ago

    I'd love to know if I could use Construct.

  • Manager   •   10 months ago

    While Unity and other frameworks are great tools, we encourage DevC Challenge participants to implement using HTML5, one of the three featured categories. Using HTML5 should help you score higher in the implementation criteria. That said, you're also allowed to use other tools, too.

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