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How to submit a Spark AR project?

In the rules it says "(ii) submit the Spark AR effect ID to DevPost (as instructed by DevPost);"
where they instructed the Spark AR submission?

"(iv) capture Spark AR effect by recording a video of between five (5) seconds and twenty (20) seconds in duration (such video must be uploaded with the project file at the time of publishing on the Spark Hub as well as on DevPost (along with the corresponding effect ID)) (for the avoidance of doubt, the Spark AR effect video is required for a submission with a Spark AR effect, and is in addition to the required Video describing and demonstrating the Application)."
I should put Dev ID to where and my demo video and my short Spark AR filter video?


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    Hey Mehmet,

    I may have just replied to you privately (if so, this is for everyone else :) ) You can use the short video as your demo video. If you have two videos, I'd recommend putting the longer video in the demo video field and then linking to the shorter video within your text description.

    You can also put your Spark Effect ID in the FB ID field. Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Thank you:)

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    thanks a lot

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