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about 1 year ago

Tech tip: Sample effects for your project using Spark AR Studio

Using Spark AR Studio for your Developer Circles Community Challenge? There are a number of featured sample effects that can help get you on your way to an awesome submission!

You can find these projects by opening Spark AR Studio, and selecting Samples in the welcome window.

Learn to make the:

  • Glasses - Advanced effect - you'll learn about visual shaders, using the camera texture and adding interactivity.
  • Bunny Mask effect - you'll learn about animating 3D objects using the Patch Editor, and creating makeup and retouching effects.
  • Fun Zoom effect - you'll use the camera texture and Patch Editor to create a zoom effect.
  • Floating Particles effect - a world effect that includes particle systems, interactivity and animation.
  • Face Distortion effect - you'll learn to use blend shapes to distort someone's face.
  • Holiday Photo effect - you'll learn about 2D objects, dynamic text and adding interactivity with the Patch Editor.
  • Boombox effect - it includes audio, plane tracking and adding 3D objects.
  • Thumbs Up effect - you'll learn about using the plane tracker, triggering animations and the physically-based shader.
  • Skeleton Animation effect - you'll learn about using the Patch Editor to animate an object with a skeleton and joints.

We hope these will help you get started and can’t wait to see where you take your project!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.